God’s Great Invitations

There is something very special about an invitation. Knowing that someone desires our presence, and actually cares enough to formally request us to join them can be quite heart-melting. From childhood we have experienced the joy of receiving an invitation. But what could be more astounding than the God of the universe issuing us an invite. And at that – despite his knowing the very worst about us! What is more, his invitations are not to a social gathering for a few enjoyable hours, but to join his family. It is to come into His home and into his glorious presence – for ever!

All through the Bible, we see God delivering gracious, and at times totally unexpected invitations.

On occasions, they come in the midst of the most severe warnings – especially through the Old Testament prophets. Dark clouds, thunder, lightning – then – the clouds clear, the sun comes out. And, seemingly, out of nowhere comes…an INVITATION! We will consider three. In each one we see God enticing us in different ways to respond.

An invitation to cleansing Isaiah 1 v.18

An invitation to satisfaction Isaiah 55 vs. 1 & 2

And invitation to rest. Matthew 11 vs. 28 & 29

To any who feel soiled, dissatisfied or restless, these are the most delicious and tempting invitations!

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  1. Andy Varney

    Yes Mike . . .invitations ARE very important. When my brother and I were young boys in Bournemouth, our neighbour knocked on the door one day and said to our Mum – would your boys like to come to Sunday School ? Therein began our journey to faith in Christ – because of an INVITATION from a Christian neighbour . . . then we heard about the invitation to be part of God’s family. Wonderful !

  2. Mike Mellor (Post author)

    Thanks Andy, brilliant! Who can estimate the blessing that has flowed from the simple invitation given by your faithful neighbour all those years ago!


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