Mike Mellor exposes the dark power behind discouragement, and how to recognize the various forms and guises in which this dark visitor can come to us. 

‘Comes like an inspiring song of praise which will stir our faith and set hearts aflame.’ DR. JOHN BENTON, Director for Pastoral Support for the Pastors’ Academy, London Seminary

We are human and face fears and discouragements, but Ice and Fire is like a blowtorch designed to evaporate those icy notions which turn us away from being the people we know we should be.’ ROGER CARSWELL, evangelist and author

A must-read for a naive generation of Christians who have not faced up to what we must expect if we’re to take up our cross and follow Christ.’ RICO TICE, Senior  Minister, All Souls Church, London, and co-author of Christianity Explored.


“I don’t suggest you read this book unless you want the Holy Spirit to move you into action…pray your way through this powerful book rather than just read it.”     GEORGE VERWER DD Founder of Operation Mobilisation and former Director

“It is one of those rare books with a truly transforming message. I dare you to read it without being not only shaken but stirred.” JOHN BLANCHARD, Evangelist, Author and Apologist

“…a book packed with numerous anecdotes, historical references, theological reflections and interleaved with his own thrilling story… ANDY PATERSON, Mission Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

“Pastorally so wise and practical, theologically utterly faithful and balanced, whilst at the same time filled with humanity and humour.  It could only have been written by a man who has had decades of experience and for me it’s my book of the year, and that’s not just because  it’s so short!’    RICO TICE Senior Minister of All Souls Church, London and co-author of ChristianityExplored

“…Mike Mellor’s book gives a brilliant blueprint to follow in this vital area of loving service.  DR JOHN BENTON is Director of Pastoral Support, Pastor’s Academy, London and Editor of Evangelicals Now


‘As a hammer is to a carpenter, a scalpel to a surgeon, a trowel to a brick mason or a needle to a tailor – so the voice is to a preacher. Man’s voice is the primary means God uses to deliver His Word to mankind, yet how often we who are called to impart the most important truths in the world are apt to neglect, if not wilfully abuse our all-vital ‘tool of the trade’.

“This book will help us in our public speaking…we can put into prayerful practice the invaluable suggestions and exercises given us by Mike Mellor.  I certainly intend to do so myself.”       RICO TICE Senior Minister of All Souls Church, London & co-author of Christianity Explored.


“The wonderful thing about Christmas is that it has that unerring ability to transport us back in time and, often, to provide precious memories of our lives before they became tense, complicated and in a rut. Christmas brings out the child in us. The resident cynic within is given a few days’ break and we are free to dream dreams of a world where peace, happiness and security can be ours.” 




Mike Mellor - Evangelist